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PWJ: Ductless Mini Split System

Plumbing with Jill: Ductless Mini Split Systems I didn’t make it out of the office this past week but we did get some great pictures and information on an interesting install so I thought I would share this with you this week.  A little food for thought! […]

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PWJ: First Day Out – Valves

Plumbing with Jill: First day out – Valves   Searching for a pair of work boots that I didn’t hate was tricky.  I am a big fan of shoes and I work hard to find the least ugly pair of steel toe work boots.  I eventually purchased […]

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Introduction of Plumbing with Jill –

Hello there, My name is Jill and I am co-owner of Clowater’s Plumbing & Heating.  I look after all the things that aren’t plumbing, heating, electrical, hvac and such.  So when asked questions regarding any of those issues I don’t really know much about them.  Now I […]

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